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"In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog"

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." - Unknown






Welcome to Grendox Dachshunds!  Whether you call them wiener dogs, hot dogs, doxies, or  Dachshunds,  they are a very unique breed, and are great companions.  They are a member of the  hound group, and were  originally bred to hunt badgers and small game.  Dachshunds are  "Courageous to the point of Rashness"  and you'll find they're not afraid of much!  Please do a  little research if you're not familiar with the breed.  I'd be glad to discuss the pro's and con's of  having a Dachshund join your family.  We're very proud of our breeding  program here at Grendox Dachshunds, and our dachshund babies show  it.    The puppies we are  blessed with are all very special to us, and they will always have a home here with  us for life if for  some reason the new parents cannot keep their puppy. Our AKC Registered Miniature  Dachshunds  come in all three coats:  Smooth, Long hair, and Wire hair; and we have most colors and  patterns,  including Chocolate, Chocolate Cream, Piebald, Brindle, Dapple, and English Cream.  Come back often to check out our new additions!


Grendox Dachshunds first began raising AKC Registered Miniature Dachshunds with the  philosophy of  "Quality, not Quantity".  All litters are born in the house with my personal attendance  at each birth, which  helps to ensure the health of both the pups and the dam.  All puppies are handled  extensively from birth, and are  extremely well socialized.  We continue to strive to improve the breed  by breeding "The Best to the Best",    taking into consideration each individual dog's strong points and  weak points, and matching him/her to the  best possible mate in order to have puppies which  are  superior to either parent.  We have some very unique  and special dogs that we are extremely  proud to have as members of our family.  We have been privileged to have some of the nicest bloodlines available.  Please visit our  "Upcoming Litters" page to view the  dachshund parents which are currently expecting.



Congrats to Dini (Grendox Magic Man) and his owner Cynthia!


Above are  HeavenlyHund Southern Girl TG "Southern",  HeavenlyHund "Orilla" and HeavenlyHund Southern Charm TG "Charmie" , and  some grandpups bred and owned by my great friend Stevie!  Thanks so much to her for adding Grendox to her great lines, and having confidence in our girls!   Congratulations to Stevie and my grandpups!!!!  I'm SO VERY proud of my grandpuppies and of my pal Stevie!!!


Pictured Below is my HeavenlyHund Sir Lancealot's dad Camelot. Thanks for a son of this lovely boy Stevie!!




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 Grendox Dachshunds is.... a Badger Free Zone!!!


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270-345-2305 , or 270-705-1119
E- mail
General Information:  tgrenda@wk.net

Sometimes I have problems with my email, please feel free to call me anytime!!





*Pour cold apple juice on the carpet in several places and walk around

Barefoot in the dark....

*Wear a sock to work that has had the toes shredded by a blender.

 *Immediately upon waking, stand outside in the rain and dark saying, "Be

A good puppy and go potty-hurry up now -- come on, let's go!"

*Cover all of your best suits with dog hair. Dark suits must have white

Hair and light suits must have dark. In addition, some hair must be in your first

Cup of morning coffee!

*Play catch with a wet tennis ball.

*Run out in the snow in your bare feet to close the gate.

*Tip over a basket of clean laundry, scatter clothing all over the

Floor. Taking care to shred at least one of each pair of socks. [See above].

*When the doorbell rings drop your dirty underwear on the living room

Floor, because that is where the pup will drag it anyway after all, company

Is coming!

*Jump out of your chair shortly before the end of your favorite TV show

And run to the door shouting, "No, NO! Do that OUTSIDE!" Miss the end of

The program.

*Gouge the leg of the dining room table several times with a screwdriver.

*Put chocolate pudding on the carpet in the morning, and do not try to clean

It up until you return from work that evening.

*Take a warm, cuddly blanket out of the dryer and immediately wrap it around yourself. This is the feeling you get when your puppy falls asleep on your lap!


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