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    Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.-Franklin P. Jones



Welcome to Grendox Miniature Dachshunds! We have researched the Dachshund breed extensively, and carefully plan each breeding to optimize the best traits of each parent, and strive to produce superior offspring.  Our Dachshunds come in all three coats:  Long hair, Wire hair and Smooth Coats.  We have most colors and patterns.  We hope you'll  bookmark our site and watch as new members of our Dachshund family arrive!

We began raising our family of Dachshunds around the same time we began raising our family of Children!  They have grown up together, and our kids, who are 16 and 19, have had an active part in raising our dogs.  They love to watch as our puppies arrive, and they and all their friends keep them socialized from day one!  Our family lives in Rural Western Kentucky, near beautiful Kentucky Lake.  We have seven lovely acres with lots of woods and a 1/2 acre pond stocked with fish, which we love to catch!  Please feel free to email with any questions or comments you may have!




Send mail to tgrenda@wk.net with questions or comments about this web site.  Grendox Dachshunds in no way assumes responsibility for the content of any of our outside links.