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Grendox Dachshunds Sires

These are "the boys"!  We have selected our sires very carefully, looking for traits which will enhance our breeding program at Grendox Dachshunds.  We think we've done a great job!  These guys all have nice pedigrees and temperaments, and we're looking for great things from our gentlemen!   Click on the names for pictures/pedigrees!!




Grendox Call me Romeo ML "Romeo"  (Black/Cream, Longcoat)

Grendox Sir Lancelot MS "Lance" (Black/Tan, Smooth)

Little Fraggles Grendox Casanova ML "Casanova" (Clear Cream Longcoat)

Grendox Blue Eyed Charmer MLDP "Frankie" (Chocolate based Cream Dapple Longcoat)

Grendox Invincible Prince Harry ML "Harry" (Shaded Cream Longcoat)








Some of our Foundation studs, gone but never forgotten

Grendox Rocky Roads ML  "Rocky" (Chocolate & Cream, now Retired)

Grendox Winning Tradition ML "Vince Lombardi"  (English Cream, Longcoat)

Grendox The Guardian's Equalizer MS "Ruger" (Black/Tan Smoothcoat)

Grendox Wild Eyed Southern Boy ML "Gunner" (Chocolate and Cream, Longcoat)

Grendox Cold Blue Steele ML "Steele" (Blue/Cream Dapple Longcoat)

CLV Invincible MLC "Invincible" (Cream, Longcoat)

Seymour's Hard to Love MS "Brice"  (Cream Smooth)