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Call Name: Lady

Color/Pattern:  Cream, Longcoat

Lady is a very busy gal!  Typical doxie, very inquisitive and stubborn at times!  But, Lady is also the most loving girl you could ask for, she "hugs" my leg with her paws and gives me that "pick me up" pitiful look!  Lady is just delightful and I'm so glad to include her in our family.  Lady weighs 10 pounds.



Guardian-Rawls Rowdy Ranahan


AM/CAN CH Guardian Gold Vom Daxi Haus


CH Cedarhurst Gold Sovereign


CH Rose Farm's Palomino ML


Rose Farm's Dragon Quest ML


CH Rose Farm's Smurfette ML


Devoncream Easter Biscuit


Maundowne Mint Cream


Devoncream Bubbles


CLV Jutah Vom Daxi Haus ML


CH Sniffntells Wroyal Sensation ML


Sniffntells Country Squire ML


Sutkus Mint Cream


Sniffntells Roseatarose


CH Sniffntells Wroyal Salute


Sniffntells Maple Candy ML


Guardian's Spirit ML


Teckelwood Nghtvision ML


CH Teckelwoods Night Shadow ML


Maxsohn's Li'l Koko Bear


Willowcroft Nightshade ML


Fairwinds HPL Flourishes MS






Jakimar Pebbles By The Shore


Guardian's Freeway


Sniffntells Wee Raffles MS


Rdachs Sweet Rachel


Guardian's Jigs


B And D's Buster Brown


B And D's Li'l Petite Princess


Rawls Miss Haley of CBWags4U


CBWags4U Romeo 4ArtThou CLV ML AKC Mjr Ptd


Sutkus Ray of Cream Sunshine


Sniffntells Cream of the Crop


AM/CAN CH Ralines Barrow Boy


CH Ralines Primrose


Sutkus Red Mildred


Tilt Webwood Smoke Jumper ML


Sniffntells Luvsic Rhapsody


CountryLov'n Honey Bee ML


CLV Rebel Of Vom Daxi Haus


Sniffntells Wroyal Captain ML


Maurina Vom Daxi Haus MLD


CLV Almost Pancypie ML


CH Sniffntells Wroyal Sensation ML


Country Lov’n Rainy MSP


CBWags4U Lady Fiona of CLV


Devoncream Slone Ranger


Devoncream Hill Wind


Devoncream Breeze Weaverbird Joint Master


Devoncream Breeze


Devoncream Debutante


Devoncream Saunter


Devoncream Tea At The Ritz


Sniffntells Wee Wroyal Polly ML


CAN CH Sniffntells Wroyal Original ML


Sniffntells Country Squire ML


Sniffntells Roseatarose


Sutkus Mint Cream


Sutkus Ray of Cream Sunshine


Sutkus Cream Hershey Bar



Champions are shown in red






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