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Our Mothers (and Future Mothers)

These girls are our foundation, and our family.  We love each and every one, and they all have unique personalities.  I hope you like our ladies!   

Click on the names for pictures/pedigrees!!            

You'll notice these abbreviations at the end of the names, this is what they mean:

ML:  Miniature Longcoat      MW:  Miniature Wirecoat     MS:  Minature Smooth Coat    MLD:  Miniature Longcoat Dapple,


Grendox the Lady in Red ML (Red, Red Long) Grendox Sable Sahara ML (Squeaky, Cream Sable Longcoat
Grendox Ode to Buttercup MS (Sister, red smooth) Grendox Tawny Tresses ML (Tawny, Shaded Cream Long)
 Grendox Topaz Jewel Angel MS (Jewel, Red Smooth Dapple) Stubbleduck/Grendox Princess MS (Princess, Red Brindle Smooth)
Grendox Sugar and Spice ML (Spice, Black/Cream Long)

Grendox Buttercream Angel Baby MS (Babydoll, Cream Smooth)

Grendox I'm a Southern Belle Y'all ML (Clear Cream, Longcoat) Delaunes MS Rowan of Kentucky  MLD (Rowan, Black/Tan Dapple Long)
Grendox The Legacy Continues MS (Lucy, Black/Tan, Smooth) Grendox Keepin' The Faith MS (Faith, Cream Smoothcoat, possible hidden dapple)


Send mail to tgrenda@wk.net with questions or comments about this web site.  Grendox Dachshunds in no way assumes responsibility for the content of any of our outside links.