Our Long Coat Mothers and Future Mothers

These girls are our foundation and our family. We love each and every one, and they all have unique personalities.

I hope you like our ladies!

You'll notice these abbreviations at the end of the names. This is what they mean:

ML:  Miniature Longcoat    MLDP:  Miniature Longcoat Dapple

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to online pedigree theft all pedigrees are available upon request by contacting me.


Grendox Royal Bleu for Jax MLDP

Call Name:  BLEU


Bleu weighs  10 pounds. 

Bleu pedigree available on request.


Timber Ridge Iza Diva Doll Grendox ML

Call Name:  DIVA


Diva weighs  10 pounds. 

DIVA pedigree available on request.


Grendox Tawny Tresses MLDP

Call Name:  TAWNY

Color/Coat/Pattern: Cream Dapple Longcoat (Hidden dapple)

Tawny is our daughter of Lady in Red and Cold Blue Steele (pictured below!) and she is just amazing! 

She has a lovely temperament as well as very nice structure and movement. Tawny's favorite thing is laying

in a patch of sunshine.  We are so proud of her, 

and so happy she stayed home!  

Tawny weighs 11 pounds. 

TAWNY pedigree available on request.


Grendox Sable Sahara ML

Call Name: SQUEAKY

Color/Coat/Pattern: Cream Sable, Longcoat 

Squeaky is our Miss Personality. She is just bubbly and busy, 

and as her name suggests has a high pitched

voice that she loves to use! 

Squeaky is a TRUE Cream Sable, and is just awesome. 

I am so proud to have this girl in our family. 

Squeaky weighs 9 pounds.

SQUEAKY pedigree available on request.


Delaunes MS Rowan of Kentucky MLDP

Call Name: ROWAN

Color/Coat/Pattern: Black/Tan Dapple, Longcoat

Rowan comes to us from our good friend Jean Delaune. We are so happy to have her! She is an absolute Houdini, she can find her way out of any fenced in yard! 

She climbs like a cat, but looks oh so innocent when caught! Rowan is delightful and I just adore her.

Rowan weighs 12 pounds.

ROWAN pedigree available on request.


Grendox I'm a Southern Belle, Y'all ML

Call Name:  BELLE

Color/Coat/Pattern: English Cream Longcoat

Belle is a very quiet girl, so sweet and loving and gets along with everyone, human and canine!  She has a somewhat regal way about her, reserved and observant

yet friendly.  She just wants to be loved and adored, as is her right!  Belle weighs 12 pounds.

BELLE pedigree available on request.