Our Sires

These are "the boys"!  We have selected our sires very carefully, 

looking for traits which will enhance our breeding program 

at Grendox Dachshunds. We think we've done a great job!  

These guys all have nice pedigrees and temperaments, 

and we're getting lovely babies from our gentlemen! 

You'll notice these abbreviations at the end of the names. This is what they mean:

 ML:  Miniature Longcoat   MS:  Miniature Smooth Coat   

MLDP:  Miniature Longcoat Dapple

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to online pedigree theft, all pedigrees are available upon request by contacting me. Thank you.



Grendox Call Me Romeo ML

Call Name: ROMEO

Color/Coat/Pattern: Black and Cream Longcoat

Romeo is just breathtaking! Son of Spice and Steele, 

he has the best of both parents, lovely coat and conformation, sweet temperament even if he is a bit lively!

He loves to run, run, run! Romeo loves the girls, 

and loves to aggravate the other boys. 

Romeo weighs 10 pounds.

ROMEO pedigree available on request.



Grendox Sir Lancelot MS

Call Name:  LANCE

Color/Pattern:  Black/Tan, Smooth Coat

What can you say about Lance! He is just stupendous! 

Wonderful conformation, awesome temperament and a pedigree to die for. I can't wait for his babies! He is just awesome!

Lance weighs 13 pounds.

LANCE pedigree available on request.



Little Fraggles Grendox Casanova ML

Call Name:  CASANOVA

Color/Pattern:  English Cream Longhair

Casanova is so beautiful and has a temperament to match! 

He has some of my nicest lines in his pedigree and

I am very proud to add him to our family!  

His coat is just the nicest you'll see, soft and oh so wonderfully touchable, you just can't stop petting this boy! 

Casanova weighs 8 pounds.

CASANOVA pedigree available on request.



Grendox Blue Eyed Charmer MLDP

Call Name:  FRANKIE

Color/Coat:  Chocolate based  Cream Dapple, Longcoat

Frankie has the best traits of his parents, both a wonderful coat and lovely disposition! Frankie is producing such lovely babies, 

and we couldn't be happier with him. 

He is mostly quiet, except when a girlfriend is around. 

Frankie weighs 10 pounds.

FRANKIE pedigree available on request.



Grendox Invincible Prince Harry ML

Call Name:  Harry

Color/Pattern:  English Cream Longhair (Shaded)

Harry is the best combination of his parents, 

regal bearing and stunning conformation from dad, 

grace and sweet, people loving nature from mom.  

Harry may just be the most handsome man that 

Invincible ever produced, but I'm a little biased!  

Harry weighs 11 pounds. 

(Photo is at 10 months of age.)

HARRY pedigree available on request.