Our Smooth Coat Mothers and Future Mothers

These girls are our foundation and our family. We love each and every one,

and they all have unique personalities.

I hope you like our ladies!

You'll notice these abbreviations at the end of the names. This is what they mean:  

MS:  Minature Smooth Coat   MSDP: Miniature Smooth Coat Dapple 

MSPB:  Miniature Smooth Coat Piebald

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to online pedigree theft, all pedigrees are available upon request by contacting me. Thank you.


Grendox Midnight Lunar Eclipse MSPB

Call Name: OREO

Color/Coat/Pattern: Solid Black, Piebald, Smoothcoat

Oreo is  

Oreo weighs 9 pounds.

OREO pedigree available on request.


Grendox Cloudy SKYE MLDP

Call Name: SKYE

Color/Coat/Pattern: Smoothcoat

Skye weighs 11 pounds.

SKYE pedigree available on request.


Grendox Ode to Buttercup MS (SISTER)

Call Name: SISTER

Color/Coat/Pattern: Red Smoothcoat

Sister is the picture of beauty and grace, lovely in appearance 

and also temperament! She is a gorgeous light red,

 with a hint of shading. She is just a shade off from cream, 

like her sister Buttercup was. 

Sister is so loving, and so soft to the touch! 

Sister weighs 11 pounds.

SISTER pedigree available on request.


Grendox Topaz Jewel Angel MS

Call Name: JEWEL

Color/Coat/Pattern: Red Dapple Smoothcoat

Our little Jewel is a homegrown daughter of our Angel and Lance, and she's just lovely and oh so sweet! 

Jewel never causes any trouble, a laid back girl, 

she prefers to lay in a patch of sunshine and

 watch everyone else run around! 

She is like her dad in that way, just a little lazy! 

Jewel weighs 12 pounds.

JEWEL pedigree available on request.


Grendox The Legacy Continues MS

Call Name: LUCY

Color/Coat/Pattern:  Black/Tan, Smooth

What can we say about Lucy? She is the perfect mixture 

of her parents, Ruger and Sister. 

What a beauty with brains to match! I think she is just about 

the prettiest black and tan I've ever had! 

Lucy weighs 11 pounds.

LUCY pedigree available on request.


Grendox Buttercream Angel Baby MSDP

Call Name:  BABYDOLL

Color/Coat/Pattern: English Cream, Smoothcoat, hidden dapple

Little Miss Babydoll is just that, a babydoll!  

Affectionate, quiet, and laid-back like her mom Angel 

and dad Invincible. I am very pleased with this girl, 

and she is a wonderful mother to boot. I can't say enough good about this girl, pictures don't do her justice! 

Babydoll weighs 10 pounds.

BABYDOLL pedigree available on request.


Grendox Keepin' The Faith MS

Call Name:  FAITH

Color/Coat/Pattern: English Cream, Smoothcoat 

Faith is our little Babydoll/Casanova girl! She is just a doll, 

petite like dad, quiet and serene like mom. Faith gets along 

with everyone and is just a wonderful little lady. 

Faith is also an attentive, loving mother. 

Faith weighs 9 pounds.

FAITH pedigree available on request.


Stubbleduck/Grendox Princess MS

Call Name:  PRINCESS

Color/Coat/Pattern: Red Brindle, Smoothcoat

Little Miss Princess is just that, she's a PRINCESS 

through and through! Not only lovely and regal, 

she knows she's special and won't letmyou forget it. 

She is extremely loving to her friends, but she is the boss 

and they know it! Princess is just a treasure. 

Her dad is from the Ukraine out of Champion lineage, mom is out of my Lance with Canadian Champion lineage! 

She has the heritage to match her regal bearing.  

Princess weighs 12 pounds.

PRINCESS pedigree available on request.


Grendox Serenity by Nature MS

Call Name:  MOUSY

Color/Coat/Pattern:  Black and Cream Dapple, Smoothcoat

Mousy is just delightful, so calm and demure, and so quiet...hence her name!  She is both beautiful and graceful, sweet and a little shy until she gets to know you.  Mousy’s mom is Jewel and her dad is Romeo.

Mousy weighs 10 pounds.

MOUSY pedigree available on request.